UltraPLUS Series USB Cable
Delivering Sound Audiophiles Crave!

XLO™, an innovative manufacturer of award-winning audio connections, introduces the UltraPLUS Series USB cable.

Computer-based audio is here to stay and in a big way. Visit any regional show like the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, THE Show Newport, or the NY Show, not to mention CES, and practically all you hear are computer-based systems that even integrate LP front-ends into the mix. Many declare USB DACs superior to CD sound especially playing high-resolution recordings! 

But it’s the old story; as technology improves the sonic warts in the rest of the system become disturbingly evident. One of the biggest offenders is throw-away “they’re all the same” USB cables. But the quality of materials, design and configuration, build-quality and especially connector integrity – where many cheap USB cables fail over time – all grow in importance as sonic quality and resolution increases. In the end, as always, everything matters.


Are We Over-Thinking USB Cables? 

You won’t think so once you hook it up. The UltraPLUS Series incorporates many of the innovations and technologies that made XLO famous, a new benchmark in quality, affordable, high-performance cables.

The silver-plated UP-OCC (ultra-pure Ohno continuous-cast) copper conductors minimize distortion from grain boundaries existing in all metal conductors. The wire is tightly embraced by a premium-grade solid-HDPE dielectric insulation that keeps signal-pair geometry in place while minimizing insulation-induced phase distortion. Robust XLO connectors feature 24K mil-spec gold-plated contacts and three-layer shielding keeps the noise down from EMI and RFI interference.

XLO’S high-performance UltraPLUS USB cable is as over-engineered, over-built and over-performing at the price as XLO’s Renaissance of a Legend™ Reference 3™ and Signature 3™ cable lines.  


Hear What UltraPLUS USB Cable Can Do For You!

If you own a USB DAC and a pair of headphones listen to a computer-based recording then change to an UltraPLUS USB cable and listen again. The music reaches you in a fundamentally different way; it’s easier to fall into the beat. XLO’s famous fast, open and transparent highs, elegant midrange textures, tight controlled bass and organic sound has been preserved… the sound audiophiles crave!

Then try it on speakers and be prepared. You’ll hear more deeply and feel more connected to music than ever before! 

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