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  • UltraPLUS Series USB Cable
    Delivering Sound Audiophiles Crave!

    If you own a USB DAC and a pair of headphones listen to a computer-based recording then change to an UltraPLUS USB cable and listen again. The music reaches you in a fundamentally different way...

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  • XLO Presents the New UltraPLUS Cable Line at CES 2013 Hear More Deeply And Feel More Connected To Music Than Ever Before

    UltraLink/XLO Products, an innovative and prolific manufacturer of award-winning audio and video interconnects, cables, power products, speakers and personal audio accessories presented UltraPLUS, a new line of cables at CES to domestic and overseas distributors.

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  • XLO Signature 3 “The Holy Grail of Neutrality” on SoundStage UltraAudio.com

    “I’m tempted to describe the XLOs as Regal … An exceptionally neutral sound, the treble octaves were clean, pure, and entirely grainless …  Neutrality is the epitome of truth and beauty and XLO’s Signature-3 was supremely neutral … Just an extra hint of richness and a slightly more silent noise floor than other cables … XLO have chosen not to engage in pseudo-science or outright silliness to describe how or why their products are special. … XLO’s Signature 3 cables are one of the two holy grails of neutrality I’ve found so far. I have the highest regard for the Signature 3s, for their honesty and for their complete refusal to play games with the sound of my reference system. … If you’re looking for neutrality, XLO Electric’s Signature-3s get my highest recommendation … and wins an UltraAudio.com Select Component Award.” -- Doug Blackburn

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  • XLO Signature 3 Reviewed on Dagogo.com

    “Signature 3 cables come as close as I have heard to being no cable at all … They don’t add any coloration of their own. I did not realize how much my other cables added to the sound until listening at great length to the XLO Signature 3 … Reproduces sizeable sound staging and couples this with a significant improvement in the area of image focus and neutrality … I’ve taken out the cables to put in other cables but every time I notice the difference and each and every time I find myself going back to the XLOs and enjoying the impact on my system and my personal enjoyment. … Straightforward and simple … using the finest quality materials reproduces music in its purest form without coloration … No doubt the cost of the XLO cables is well worth it. There you go. That’s it. Review done! Great cables! Buy them!”


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  • XLO Reference 3 Reviewed in HDAVCHINA.com

    一直很安静 至高XLO Reference 3-2平衡讯号线

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  • XLO Signature 3 Reviewed on Positive Feedback Online

    “Very finely made cables using high quality plugs, sockets and connectors… My recommendation is to wire your entire system with XLO Signature 3 for the best sonic effect … Great for high-end audio systems … Represent good value and provide all-around excellent sound. They will let you hear through to the music and allow your source and amplification components to reveal the music as best they can, and that's about all you can ask for from a set of cables. Highly recommended. “

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